Why We Love Southern California

Over the years, Southern California has become synonymous with sapphire seas, palm tree-lined streets, surf culture, health and wellness, and 365 days of sunshine. Below, we listed down all of Southern California’s winning characteristics that make us never want to leave this place, ever.

  1. Plenty of sun all-year-round
  2. When it comes to weather, Southern California is unbeatable. Although there are parts of the region that experiences an arid climate, most of Southern California is blessed with Mediterranean weather conditions. This is characterized by warm summers and mild winters. It’s also possible to experience the alpine climate in Southern California, although this is concentrated on high-altitude places. And yes, it rarely rains here.

  3. The nightlife is amazing
  4. Pandemic aside, whenever you want to paint the town red, know that the nightlife scene is vibrant in Southern California. You can dine with friends, hit up the clubs and bars after, or watch some live music entertainment in legendary music venues (especially in Downtown Los Angeles). You have the option to party hard or settle for a chill night with your friends.

  5. The outdoor recreation is unbeatable
  6. Southern California is also a land of adventures. And whether you’re coming from Downtown Los Angeles or somewhere in the Inland Empire, you’ll find numerous outdoor activities and destinations. After all, Southern California is the home of the following outdoor attractions: Los Padres National Forest, Mojave National Reserve, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Sequoia National Forest.

    If you’re not up to go hiking or camping in the forest or mountains, head westward to the coast. Hit the Beach Cities, Santa Monica, or Malibu to go surfing. During certain times of the year, you can also watch pods of whales swim by during their annual migration. Whatever type of outdoor activity you want to try (except perhaps snowsports), you can do it in Southern California.

  7. You can treat yourself to fresh produce throughout the year
  8. Farmers markets are deeply embedded in Southern California lifestyle. It’s one of the things that help us support the community, all while maintaining our health. And even if you’re not totally focused on keeping trim, it’s always great to eat fresh, seasonal, and locally grown produce.

    Pretty much every city and town in Southern California have their own farmers markets. And aside from fresh produce, you can also purchase a variety of things such as artisan goods, handmade crafts, and even art from local artists. Some farmers markets have become so renowned throughout Southern California that they attract a lot of visitors from different places.

  9. You can move at your own pace
  10. A fast-paced lifestyle can be exhausting to manage. When you live in Southern California, you get to move at your own pace. It’s more laid back here and relaxed, giving you just enough time to appreciate everything around you before you move on to the next thing on your to-do list. Best of all, you can easily switch gears. You can be a high-powered professional or entrepreneur one day, then shed the suits and opt for casual wear to head down to the beach or go hiking the next.

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