The Best Places To Live In Southern California

Without a doubt, Southern California is a great place to live. Here, you get to enjoy both water and land recreation, fantastic shopping and dining, amazing entertainment options, and a relaxed pace of life. Most of all, you don’t have to worry about the weather. There’s plenty of sunshine to go around for the rest of the year.

All that said, some places in Southern California just have it better than the others. If you’re looking for all of the things we mentioned above, the following communities will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

  1. Santa Monica

    Santa Monica has everything: beach access, a laid back atmosphere, and first-rate city amenities. It’s a relatively small community with a total area of about 8.4 square miles and with a total population of approximately 90,400 residents.

    Why we love Santa Monica: The coastal cities of Southern California are already relaxed, but Santa Monica takes that slow-paced lifestyle to another level. There are casual restaurants and locally owned businesses always ready to welcome patrons. On the weekends, you’ll find farmers markets where you can support local farmers and producers. And the beach? It’s just right there, waiting for you.

    Santa Monica is also located relatively close to Downtown Los Angeles. There are fantastic schools in the area and UCLA is just nearby. Search for homes for sale in Santa Monica, CA when you click here.

  2. Manhattan Beach

    Located further south is the coastal commune of Manhattan Beach. It’s one of the so-called Beach Cities, together with Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. It only covers almost four square miles and has a total population of a little over 35,100 residents.

    Why we love Manhattan Beach: Manhattan Beach adds a fine gloss over beach living. It’s still laid back and relaxed, but the air is a little more upscale and polished. That is reflected in the local real estate offerings which consist largely of cozy beach homes that enjoy either beachfront access or ocean views. It’s not all about play in Manhattan Beach, though. One of the best high schools in the state, Mira Costa High School, is located here.

  3. Hermosa Beach

    Located just south of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach shares many of its neighbor’s fine qualities. There’s the beautiful strip of beachfront, as well as fine homes all built for oceanside living. It’s the so-called “Best Little Beach City” with only 1.4 square miles of area and a total population of 19,320 people.

    Why we love Hermosa Beach: Hermosa Beach may be smaller than the other Beach Cities, but it’s filled to the brim with action. It’s actually considered a destination for a variety of water recreation such as paddleboarding, surfing, and beach volleyball. For other treats, Hermosa Beach Pier has everything, from restaurants to entertainment.

    The weather here is also quite different. There’s still plenty of sun, but temperatures almost never reach scorching in the summer, all thanks to the sea breeze.

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