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Moving To Southern California: What To Expect

Ready to trade in your sweaters and old winter boots for tank tops and flip-flops? Moving to California is often seen as a huge commitment, given the high cost of living, horrendous traffic, and expensive housing this state is known for. Even so, there are many good reasons to call California home.

California in a nutshell

If you’ve got California on your mind, you’re in great company. After all, how can the 39.94 million people who call this place home possibly be wrong? This population figure represents a huge leap from the 37.25 million recorded in the official census in 2010, making this state the most populous by far over second-placer Texas, with 28 million.

Gorgeous weather, amazing beaches

People flock to The Golden State to soak up—well, what else—the golden sunshine. The many awesome beaches that dot the dramatic Pacific coastline make living in SoCal, in particular, the closest thing to paradise.

Surfing, shopping and movie star watching

From San Diego’s amazing surfing spots, world-renowned zoo and wealth of museums, there’s always something to do. Up the coast is Los Angeles, home to Griffith Park, Beverly Hills and the high-end shops of Rodeo Drive. And there is also, of course, Hollywood studios, where many come to try their hand at the movies.

Great food

The freshest produce is grown locally. Pick up your favorite healthy goodies at the farmer’s market: Avocados, especially, are big business in California.

That’s not all, California’s diverse heritage is celebrated every day in the cuisine served up at local restaurants. Whether you’ve got a craving for delicious Mexican, Korean, or Vietnamese fare or for SoCal-style pizza, you’ll want for nothing here.

The happiest place on earth

Anaheim’s 300-acre Disney park continues to fill the hearts and minds of the young and young-at-heart with the same magical awe and wonderment as when it first opened in 1955.


With the minimum wage in SoCal at $13/hour, the state is able to provide a pretty decent living to its workforce.


Whether you’ve got the moolah for a fancy McMansion or you’re looking into more pocket-friendly digs, the truth is that real estate sticker prices for housing can be jaw-dropping.

The current median home value in SoCal is $554,886 (as of Apr 2020). A 1,500-square-foot home in LA will run you to a median value of $588,878. Meanwhile, for $249,000, you can buy a 559-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bathroom manufactured home in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of LA.

Anyone who’s interested in looking into homes for sale in Santa Monica, CA will find that the prices of homes decreased in the past 12 months, however. Median home values decreased by -10.548% to $1,485,699 between March 31, 2019 and March 31 2020, making now a good time to consider buying. Real estate market research shows that home values can be expected to increase in the next 12 months.

There are so many other reasons we can list about what makes living in Southern California the bomb, but if you live here, you already know all that.

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